Human-Centered Design

Popularised by the american firm IDEO, it is largely a set of tools, methods and mental models for working on problems in a hands-on, inclusive and iterative manner. All my work has these approaches at its core, with a specific focus on field research, sense making of research data and rapid prototyping and testing. 

Strategy and Operations

It is my firm belief that while programmes or projects can be designed extremely well and with the best of intentions, the operational aspect is critical to its success. To that end, I work with teams to design projects, keeping the operations front and centre. All this is tied together by thinking through the core strategy and the manner in which that is realised. 


Social enterprises are an up and coming model for creating sustained social and developmental impact. Through my experience working on my own enterprise, I realised that it can be a potent tool for change. I am keen on working with entrepreneurs to apply design thinking and lessons from my experiences to helping them realise their goals. 

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Participatory Learning Networks

The idea of the learning networks was built as part of research for the MA thesis at Aalto University in collaboration with Balaji and Nipa on a TATA Trusts project around behaviour change for WASH. The core of the idea is to use information communication technology tools to empower grassroots workers and middle managers in development projects to innovate in context. The goal is that through shifts in culture and better communication these individuals can localise solutions for better outcomes. 

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Ongoing Research

I am currently working with a few organisations and individuals as we extend the initial work for further research. We are working on smaller details as well in terms of learning materials and methods as well as technology tools to enable better communication. 

Future Collaboration

Our goal is for this research to be open source. To that end we are developing a toolkit which will be online soon, and working in a hands-on manner with organisations who want to experiment with the idea in their own work. Get in touch if you think that is you! 

Lean Experiment —
a tool and method

Running lean experiments are a cheap, quick and qualitatively rich way to answer fundamental questions about your project and try new ideas. I developed a canvas as a guide to think through running your own lean experiments.

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Presentation tool — engaging an audience

This is a simple tool that you can adapt for when you want to make sure that there is a way for a disparate audience to engage with content that might not be directly related to their work. The key is to offer cues to relate your content to their work or lives. 

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Toolkits — reflecting on scaling learning

This is a 'publication' project discussing how knowledge is shared in development planning using toolkits, and crafting the future together. Working with colleagues at Quicksand, we make sense of what makes for better toolkits. 

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