What is it?

Side Order used to be the place where I was documenting all the little projects and misadventures I had outside of what I did with Quicksand. Since April 2013, I’ve been working on amrutDhara, a social enterprise, and am starting off to study for an MA in New Media at the Aalto University from August 2013 as well.

Which we will now proceed, in this analogy, to call the ‘main course’.

What you are seeing here is v2.0. The previous one went down when I didn’t pay up in time for hosting. Ever the optimist (read as after a lot of self-pity) I decided this was good because many of the projects I had started were languishing as plans and not really manifesting into anything, and this gave me a chance to resurrect/reboot most of them. So here goes nothing (again).

Catch phrase. Smiley face.

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