Glorious Sun


In December I went for a little vacation with my parents and sister to the Orange County Resort, Coorg in Karnataka. It’s a memorable place for us, as unanimously the vacation that we had there 12 years ago is our … Continue reading

Mixtape #4: The OCD Mixtape

Album art of respective artists

So I’ve been dragging my feet over the mixtape projects, I have 2 mixtapes ready to go but as part of my constant attempt to have greater delusions-of-grandeur, the album art is so complicated that I’ve been stuck in a … Continue reading

A wee lamp for the room

© 2012 akshay. All rights reserved.

So there’s this shelf in my room that had been staring at me for sometime and I really wanted to make a lamp out of it. It’s a simple enough project, but took some time simply because I wanted to … Continue reading

Stereograms: The Sun Temple

© 2012 akshay. All rights reserved.

Right now, I’m in Odisha for work on Project Sammaan. Thanks to some clerical errors while booking my ticket, I ended up in Odisha early morning on Sunday. Neha and I decided to just get a cab to take us … Continue reading

Ode to a sunny day

Image by me. Music by Blackstratblues.

Yesterday was a beautiful day and while having a chat with Romit about how vivid all the colors looked, we figured we could use the GoPro cam to shoot a short time lapse. While compiling the time lapse video I … Continue reading