Field Recordings

I’ve been quite keen for some time to start making some films that document and share interesting things that I experience in life outside of work. Part of what I do at Quicksand albeit, quite less, is to make films. I’ve been quite shy about making films on my own outside of work because of this need to try and create something really good, to very high standards.

Over the last couple of months though, I’ve been following @zenrainman and through that have seen a number of videos that he’s made using a simple ‘Flip Cam’ and ‘Windows Movie Maker’. These videos inspired me to go back to the tenet that helped me start Side Order in the first place.

‘Do! It’s ok to Suck’.

Start out doing things. They might suck, but eventually you’ll get better at them.

The first film I made with this in mind was ‘Paiko-akhda’, and the experience was liberating. Here’s to many more.

See the field recordings here.


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