Glimpses from Bhuj

So I shared this tweet with a friend (who’s a big Star Wars fan) recently


this is the image in the tweet by the way..

and here’s the video that @gingerhazing had in mind when thinking about what Oscar Isaacs (Poe) is playing on that acoustic guitar of his..

And so while she enjoyed the bit of humor a lot, this is what she replied…

It’s something I imagine playing on the stereo of my convertible speeding down a Utah highway, evening sun in my hair, tracing the canyons with my outstretched hand and feeling the wind in my hair!

And soon after, I was in Bhuj (a couple of weeks ago), off to see the White Rann amongst other things, and so I thought.. why not.. Here’s a quick video with a few glimpses of being on the road in Kutch, Gujarat.

I hope the video doesn’t get taken down because of the audio.. but we’ll see.

BONUS: Here’s a short video, so you can actually see what the rann be looking like (yes, I know it’s one of those annoying selfie videos.. but you know)

Kylo: Uh-Oh

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