Split Screen Table Tennis with Akshay and Sadam

Back in 2012, while I was working at Quicksand I was quite intrigued with the GoPros that we had lying around as part of our media kit, and I was playing a lot of Table Tennis. At the time I got it into my head that I needed to make a video with both players wearing the cameras on our heads. A few days into this idea taking my fancy, Sadam and I, who had regular post-lunch table tennis sessions, donned the cameras and played a few games with them.

The video files which were far too heavy for FCP to process, or perhaps I didn’t know how to get them working, meant that like so many other Side Order projects, the files went into stasis relegated to a backup hard-drive. Recently I made the switch to using Premier, because FCP was giving me a lot of trouble with video formats. And then I rescued these files from the hard drive, and here you see a very quick edit of the first game.

There isn’t anything fancy going on, but it is interesting to watch. Have a look.

chal. love all.

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