Mixtape #8: The Road goes ever on

A couple of weeks ago, Hamsa of OCD and ma’am-meme-a-lot fame, emailed us announcing the arrival of a new car. Along with the announcement came the request for music suggestions for the road. While I was just going to send her a list of artists at first, I decided to go ahead and make a mixtape, because frankly I was doing nothing better with my time, and I discovered this awesome track..

So I built the mixtape around this one. The feeling I was going for was the sort of stage in the road trip, where the miles are flying by, as everyone in the car is lost in their own thoughts, with the hope that towards the end, the last two tracks draw them out of their thoughts, and into a more cheerful mood. :)

Below is the album art that Hamsa very kindly threw together while listening to the playlist, pre-mix.

Roadtrip album art

And here is the mixtape.

Download here

Visually, what it reminded me of was this idea, of my hand outside the window, in the slipstream and just like my palm swimming in the air. Next time, I’m on the road, I’ll update this post with a vid! Until then let your imaginations run. :)

Chala jata hoon

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