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Mixtape #7: So this is Goodbye..

I started working on this mixtape a few weeks ago. At the time, I lost myself in music to help me make sense of what was happening. While I’m doing a lot better now, and the idea of making a mixtape, was ridiculed a bit, I’m going ahead and publishing it anyways. The push to publish is more because of the album ‘art’ then anything else. Any excuse to break out the ole’ Hermes Baby!

Be warned, while the mixtape itself is quite decent, there is one bit where I read out a poem, Borges’ You learn, which may feel a bit corny. :)

Well anyways, here’s the mixtape:

Download it here

EDIT: Adding this bit, because I ended up talking through this with a friend of mine who heard the mixtape. One of the things important for me while making all these mixes is this idea of transitioning of moods, Most of them start in one place, and slowly transition song by song into another mood. In this case, the idea of transition becomes even more important, because of the circumstances.. sort of denial to acceptance. While I don’t think I was too religious, as in terms of tempo and mood, it is a ‘tent’ ie. rises towards the middle and mellows back down at the end, it still holds true to my mood and the whole experience over the last few weeks.

C’est la vie

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