Mixtape #6: Unwinding by @parimalparmar

A few months ago (feels like decades) I pinged @parimalparmar on twitter because I was really enjoying the music he was posting. We decided to have a bit of a mixtape exchange, so that we do the album art for each others mixtapes.

Many weeks (and nagging tweets) later, Parimal sent me not one but four mixtapes. After listening to all of them, this particular one really resonated with me, and I started thinking about possible art that I could create for it. I had 2 very distinct ideas:

1) I had this image of just sitting by one of the many little water bodies in Helsinki, and just have a gif visual of stones making ripples in the water.

2) The Helsinki International kite festival was on, in Suomenlinna, and I had this image of just a few of those giant kites, fluttering in place. I even worked with it a bit, but there was just too much shake..

In the end, I just put it on the back burner until I got to Goa this week. Going out on the one sunny morning this week, this idea came to mind, I had my camera, and I just went out shot a short video, pulled it through photoshop with minimal editing, and hey presto! Here’s a snapshot of the album art for Parimal’s Unwinding mixtape….

The real deal is this gif.

Listen to the mixtape below and download here


castles made of sand

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