Field Recording: Baltic Herring Market Helsinki

I took ‘Intro to Sound design and Music’ at the Media Lab at Aalto, over the month of September, and one of the assignments was to go out to the baltic herring market and record the sounds of the market. We had a single 1 minute recording that we had to submit. Here are a few interesting ones:

This was taken while walking around in the so-called ‘fish market’. This was quite anti-climatic actually. As you can hear.. it’s quite peaceful, airy and non-fish-market-like. It was a bit weird, as I would just sidle up to people and take some recordings quite covertly.

This is inside a large tent that was set up in the market, where they were serving up some fresh seafood delicacies. The change in acoustics because of the large empty/open space is very noticeable.

The lady at the till, let me get behind the counter, and record the process of someone ordering food. If you listen carefully, you can hear the sounds of cooking, and while that sounds perfect (building the scene and all that), it was made up. The girls who were cooking thought that I wanted them to simulate the sounds and were doing an exaggerated banging, stirring and cutting act to build the whole ‘feel’.

How can a visit to the dock, be done without the sounds of the wind and seagulls. Howling and squawking respectively.

This was the one that I submitted, and it’s a good old big ‘tava’ with fish being fried up. It was nice to see this, as it reminded me of street food, which I am really really missing.

bhaiya ek thoda meetha wala dena

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