photo taken by kaushik

Field Recording: Sounds of cooking a Pujo lunch

On the 12th of October 2013, we (a smallish group of Indian students from Aalto university school of ARTS) got together to cook and eat an awesomely large meal to celebrate Durga Puja, aka Pujo, at a friend’s house, here in Helsinki. Here are a few sounds from the afternoon of preparation. The meal was finally eaten in the evening.

This was the music that was playing when I walked into the house in the afternoon. It’s the perfect way to start off and since I’m the first one to reach, you hear how quiet it is. The only sounds are the music and the noise of water falling, from my friend (the orchestrator and master chef of the party, Palash) bathing in the bathroom nearby.

So the thing on the stove when I got there was gajar halwa, boiling and bubbling away as it was tirelessly stirred by Dipti.

This was a highly educational weekend as I learned how to cook aaloo dum and paneer masala in microwave (& before you make your way to the comments section to chew my head off, it was bangla style).

The picture in the heading shows the super-fun and social manner in which the dough was made into little balls for the luchis (bangla version of puris). As is usual in a gathering such as this, it was honed into a neat craft and much comparison was made with regards to technique and roundness of finished products.

All in all it was a fun weekend, and as a bonus here is a track of the folks who hijacked my microphone and were then playing with it. I won’t name names. :)



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